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Italian Cuisine and It's significance in Hong Kong

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

The Italian community has undoubtedly left its mark on both the business and cultural environment of Hong Kong. It has dedicated much effort toward the initial development of the Food and Beverage Industry scene, by making the re-known financial hub into a diversified cultural hub for every individual.


An evening sunset scene of the Hong Kong harbor showing prominent buildings as the IFC tower, financial tower, International commerce tower and the ferry pier.

Beginning of an Era

The entry of many Italian immigrants into Hong Kong during the nineteenth century was drawn by the excellent location of Hong Kong and its fast-paced development. The need to provide Italian cuisine and the want of many international customers brought in the desire to establish many brick & mortar Italian restaurants to provide everyone with an impeccable taste of true Italian dishes, wine, and astounding hospitality. One of the first Italian restaurants to have opened up in 1969 was La Taverna at On Hing Terrace in Central, Hong Kong.

香港优越的地理位置和快速的发展吸引了许多意大利移民在十九世纪进入香港。提供意大利美食的需求和许多国际客户的需求促使人们希望建立许多实体意大利餐厅,为每个人提供无可挑剔的正宗意大利菜肴、葡萄酒和令人惊叹的热情好客。位于香港中环安兴台的 La Taverna 是 1969 年最早开业的意大利餐厅之一。

A couple having Italian pasta and wine in an Italian restaurant in Hong Kong.

Contribution to the Food & Beverage Industry

There are plenty of reasons why Italian food is popular all over the world and not just in Hong Kong. Its refined ingredients provide essence to each dish which is made taking a balance of both simplicity and elegance. Especially, the introduction of their unique wine from various regions of Italy some being quite famous in the wine sector such as the Barbaresco and Barolo. The cooking-from-scratch concept was introduced in a very early stage when chefs would show off their skills of making pasta in the most unremarkable manner which always left many of the guests in awe.


Italian food always had a long list of options to choose from, it could be a simple spaghetti aglio e olio, rustic pizza, or an appetizer with delicate salmon caviar. Whatever it may be, the main focus was to always bring a feeling of warmth, comfort, family & friendship.


Today, Hong Kong boasts many Italian restaurants from a high class 3 Michelin-starred restaurant the 8 1/2 Otto E Mezzo Bombana and Carbone to casual dining restaurants such as Pici and Monteverdi Restaurant.

如今,香港拥有许多意大利餐厅,从高级的米其林三星级餐厅 8 1/2 Otto E Mezzo Bombana 和 Carbone,到休闲餐厅如 Pici 和 Monteverdi Restaurant。

On the present date, if it is a Valentine, a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or a family and friends gathering many of them tend to choose an Italian Restaurant as one of their top priority restaurants to go to since Italian taste buds have never failed.


A wooden table having various food on it such as tomato basil spaghetti, white wine, red wine, olives and burrata cheese

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