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Our Story

Monteverdi concepts logo showing trattoria caffe monteverdi & monteverdi restaurant

Trattoria Caffe Monteverdi was founded in 2012 with the goal of providing each and every visitor with impeccable service and a wonderful taste of Italian grandmother's traditional recipes.The main focus was always on traditional pastas and wines from small vineyards in Italy that would compliment the dishes in the most excellent way, giving the feeling of sitting in an Italian trattoria.


A small team of four people running a tiny Italian restaurant in Sai ying pun, ensuring that each guest has an unforgettable dining experience. As previously stated, the pasta was always the highlight because we as a team never wanted the pasta to lose the touch of home-made traditional pasta, with each ingredient being prepared in accordance with the grandmother's recipes from different regions of Italy.


Many years passed, and many visitors arrived, becoming part of the Monteverdi team's family. Many visitors transitioned from customers to friends and associates. It was always a pleasure to provide the finest food to our customers.
Finally, we decided to establish a second branch in central, now known as Monteverdi Restaurant & Bar on 33 Wellington Street.

Unfortunately, our team had to close our trattoria Caffe Monteverdi during covid, but we kept the traditional hand-pasta and grandmother's recipe continuing.Because we genuinely think that no matter how modern things become, our palates and hungry tummies will always crave homey, simple food. That is where the Monteverdi idea originated.

The Monteverdi Team always greets you to our pasta zone and our humble abode, which is filled with the fragrance of Italian pasta.

Trattoria Caffe Monteverdi logo on a glass door
Serving american tourists in Trattoria Caffe Monteverdi
Trattoria caffe Monteverdi preparing for guests during dinner
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