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4 Health Benefits of Red Wine

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

1. Reduces bad cholesterol

Red wines are known to help in reducing bad cholesterol which is found in a study by doctors. Pinot noirs are a great example as its grape has ample amounts of antioxidants which make them one of the best red wines out there in reducing cholesterol. It is said that four ounces of Pinot Noir are enough to deliver 640 mg of resveratrol, comparatively more than other red wines out there.

Blonde middle aged lady sitting on a couch is holding a glass of red wine

2. Helps in treating the common cold

It would definitely be a good idea to shift your good old red wine bottle from the cellar to your medicine cabinet. In a study conducted by Spanish researchers, it was found that having 2 glasses of 70ml wine each day could be a good preventive measure against cold during the seasons. Also, there is a certain compound that helps in building up a better immune system in the long run.

A brunette lady covering her nose with a tissue while holding a glass of red wine

3. Positive effects on the digestive system

Red wines have an anti-bacterial nature to them which helps in relaxing the digestive tract and to avoid stomach irritation. Red wines have a rich source of enzymes which help to stimulate a better breakdown of fats and protein in the stomach. Not necessarily red wine must be consumed by the glass, it can be used in cooking especially when making dishes that include game meat such as lamb, duck, boar, and venison.

Note: It is always recommended that having a limited amount of wine with food will enable maximum health benefits as overdrinking can always have a negative on overall health.

A healthy couple wearing denim jacket and a white t-shirt in the kitchen are drinking a glass of chianti

4. Helps in controlling blood sugar

Grape's skin which is utilized in the production of red wine has a compound called resveratrol, which helps in regulating the body's blood sugar. In a study, it was shown that those who took around 250mg of resveratrol daily for a period of 12 weeks had a reduced amount of blood sugar in them compared to those who did not take it. When drinking a glass of red wine it enables to reduce sugar levels in the body for up to 24 hours, which is why many doctors recommend not drinking it prior to a check-up.

A lady holding a glass of red wine while having green salad, bread, pasta and pizza.

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