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Why is Pasta good for you?

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Pasta which is quite very famous all over the world is eaten by people all over the world , it could be an Italian enjoying it in Liguria or a French enjoying it in Hong Kong.

Chef using a machine roller to pull out handmade pasta

Not Junk But Healthy

1)Pasta is made using semolina flour which is extracted from grain, a primary food in the food pyramid for basic carbohydrates & protein. It also involves the usage of various meat protein, vegetables, herbs & olive oil, which in turn increase the food value of the pasta.

Spaghetti algio  olio served on a decorated plate with garnish

A good amount of Carbs

2) Since it provides you with plenty of carbs , it is most likely that you won’t be feeling hungry for quite some time, which also gives you enough energy to get through your day to day work. You could also go light with just a simple spaghetti aglio e olio , definitely with a little grated cheese on top just to get the flavors kicking in.

Conchiglie pasta and tagliatelle pasta on wooden chef board

A huge variety of shapes

3) Pasta comes in many shapes , it could be a bowtie ( farfalle ), long strands ( spaghetti), tube (penne), and all shapes effectively work with many different sauces while some with a much more personal opinion based, like a penne would work more well with a thick sauce as it would hold some of the sauces inside the hollow space as personal preference.

Table showing the main ingredients to make a pasta

Low on Budget

4) Until unless your not planning on going to a Michelin starred or a fancy restaurant and plan on cooking at home, Pasta can help you cut down on your expenditure. Just a simple canned tomato , fresh basil , salt ,pepper & your favorite dry pasta is all you need to fill your stomach. Definitely better than getting a takeaway from outside right?

A spoon showing the pesto paste along with basil and pine nuts

Health Benefit

5) In many studies, its shown the kind of sauce used for the pasta has its own individual benefits. For example lets take pesto pasta (simple mixture of basil, roasted pine nuts, olive oil & parmesan cheese) can help you lower your cholesterol levels, prevents cancer , heart disease & helps in cleansing your inner stomach linings .It also provides antioxidants which prevents skin-aging.

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