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Why Not Lasagna but "VINCISGRASSI"

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Well this is because we love being different , we love doing things which sets us apart from regular restaurants , we love giving your stomach the best foodgasm, we l

lasagna on a plate with parsley garnish

ove providing you with classics rather than modern at times , that's how vincisgrassi comes in to play.

Yes, we could have definitely gone for the classical lasagna but i mean you have to understand there is a huge story behind Vincisgrassi which is for sure going to make you wanna come to our restaurant and try it!

So as the story goes General Alfred Von Windisch-Graetz during the 19th Century war in Ancona got in and won the fight for the Austrians thus being given the immortality by naming the dish after him, that's how it went on at least on the tables of the Marche people.

Now since i've gotten your interest with the peek in the history, why don't you come down and see how history's simple ingredients can make you fall in love with food again and again.

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