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The Different Calamari Ring

Updated: 6 days ago

What usually comes to a person's mind regarding calamari rings is that "oh deep fried calamari rings is that what its going to be " but well there is a change in this story because we don't want to serve a common dish , so we decided to go for a twist after all WHY NOT?

So the idea started off with serving grilled calamari rings

And yes it was a lot of trial and error before we finally decided on going for not to complex but rather a simple marination which doesn't over power the flavor of the fresh calamari rings also to ensure that the calamari rings along with its coating gives off a burst of taste buds in an individual's palette .

So it's already been an year since our creation has been doing well, why don't you come up and try for yourself " a creation of the Monteverdi team"

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