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Set Lunch Menu

Individual Set lunch


Soup of the day

Salad of the day


Spaghetti with blue mussels

Spaghetti served with blue mussels in tomato-based marinara sauce

Linguine with crab claw meat

Linguine served with tomato, cream and crab claw meat.

Penne with radicchio and bacon

Penne with cream sauce sauteed bacon and radicchio

Roasted chicken with red wine sauce

Roasted chicken marinated with garlic and rosemary served with red wine sauce

Baked grouper with caper and cherry tomatoes

Baked grouper served along with caper, cherry tomato and butter

Grilled rib eye

Grilled rib eye with roasted vegetables and red wine sauce


Dessert of the day

Mini Panna cotta

A basil flavored panna cotta

Brownie with Ice cream

Chocolate brownie with vanilla or chocolate ice cream

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